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Monday, October 09, 2006

Blogger but not MySpace

I, like the many other people of the world, am a MySpace junkie. Im basically there for friends. lol yea uhhuh. but its also something to do when im bored in class. BUT! its most definitely on the school's restricted list. Why?? I bet you i can access Blogger from a school computer and you actually write on this post like its a journal. a lot like xanga, another favorite past time. I decided to start one just to try something new and see if i am able to use it while im in class. I also started it for my inernship at the News Herald where im working on a project where i have to write about classroom blogging. Im going to see if schools have a blogging system set up for their classrooms and what students and teachers think about it. Im posting right now instead of gathering juicy bits because everybody (mainly principles) are either in a meeting, not there, or just unaware of any happenings with programs in their school. I also have to wait until between classes to talk to the teachers because they are not able to come to the phone. It is totally understandable that they haven't set one up yet because classroom blogging has just been brought up. The concept is similar to GCCC's BlackBoard where students are able to start forums, contact their professors and also fellow classmates. The site would have their daily tasks/assignments, homework, due dates, test dates, and other vital information that is required of the course. But just rambling now. More LATER!!


  • At 3:28 PM, Blogger Kandace said…

    hey babe
    ive already tried and we cant access blogger from skool unless they changed things which i doubt it!!!!
    nice page though



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